Community Support during Covid-19

During these uncertain times of social distancing we would like to ask the communities that if you would wish to write or draw any pictures or letters our residents would love to receive these through the post.

We are also having a sunflower competition if anyone would like to join in!

Philosophy of Care

  • The philosophy of the Home is to treat each Client as an individual unique person and enable them to lead the lifestyle of their choice within a homely environment.
  • We accept that all persons are individuals with personal needs and qualities that we will endeavour to understand and accept.
  • Each person will be treated with the respect they deserve and all areas of care planning will be discussed with them and/or in consultation with the family to enable us to isolate any areas of concern and in doing so establish an individual care plan.
  • Care planning is updated as Clients needs alter not just physically but emotionally and socially.
  • Clients are encouraged to follow and practice their religious beliefs, the Home can contact representatives from all religious denominations to provide spiritual and counseling needs for all Clients.
  • Clients have the right to confidentiality regarding all aspects of their stay within the Home, both physically and financially. All staff are entrusted to maintain confidentiality at all times as per the Homes written confidentiality procedure.
  • Whilst in the Home Clients have the right to receive visits from outside agencies e.g. Opticians, chiropodist, occupational therapists etc.
  • Clients are encouraged to reach fulfilment and a feeling of well being and to maintain a social life with relatives and friends.
  • Clients and visitors have a right to make a complaint regarding any aspect of care which they feel is justified without fear of reprisal.
  • A complaints procedure is in place within the Home, details of how to access this is detailed further in this book.
  • The Home provides 24 hour care with senior management on call should problems occur.
  • The Home operates a smoking policy for the safety and welfare of all those within the Home.
  • To ensure it provides the best service possible which meets the needs of Clients in respect of:
    • Dignity
    • Privacy
    • Choice
    • Independence
    • Rights & personal fulfilment

Prospect House is always looking for ways to update and improve procedures within the home and in areas of staff and management training.

The Home ensures a high level of care can be given and to the standards expected.

The Home aims to undertake challenges to keep in line with latest developments in care as are laid down by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), The National Minimum Standards and Care Home Regulations

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