Community Support during Covid-19

During these uncertain times of social distancing we would like to ask the communities that if you would wish to write or draw any pictures or letters our residents would love to receive these through the post.

We are also having a sunflower competition if anyone would like to join in!

Fire Safety & Religion

Fire Safety

The Home has a modern Fire Alarm System fitted with fire notices and emergency instructions displayed at strategic points throughout the Home as advised by the Fire Department.

Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to fire prevention/drills policy. Staff must attend two fire safety trainings per year.

Clients are informed of the emergency procedure during admission.

The alarm is tested weekly. The system is tested regularly by the local fire officer. All fire equipment is checked annually by qualified maintenance engineers.

Where possible furniture, fixture and fittings must be made of fire retardant material/fabric.


Religion/Attendance of religious services/ Cultural preferences

Clients may attend religious services either within/externally of the Home if they wish to do so. If services are outside the Home the Client should if necessary and if possible arrange transport and accompaniment with family/friends. In the event of this not being possible care staff may accompany the Client on special occasions  if staffing levels permit.

It is not the responsibility of the care staff should an accident occur when the Client is out of the Home.

Clients have the right to meet clergy of their choice at any time.

Cultural beliefs and preferences will be respected at all times where is reasonably possible.

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