Community Support during Covid-19

During these uncertain times of social distancing we would like to ask the communities that if you would wish to write or draw any pictures or letters our residents would love to receive these through the post.

We are also having a sunflower competition if anyone would like to join in!

Care Plan Review & Care Worker Assessment

Each service user is assigned a key worker within one week of admission.  The key worker- client relationship will develop over time.

Once developed the care plan will be regularly reviewed and evaluated to meet the ever changing requirements and care needs of the individual. Such care plans ensure that the Client is responding in a satisfactory manner.

Adverse reaction to the care plan by the Client will result in an immediate review by the Client’s key worker, Manager and any other appropriate agencies as necessary.

Family and friends are encouraged to participate in the Client’s daily routine as far as is practical and are invited to regular reviews.

Clients and/or relatives are always welcome to talk with any member of care staff if they have any concerns.

The care plan is reviewed at three levels:

  • Daily on a shift-to-shift basis. Each shift has a ‘ handover’ regarding each Client and their particular needs for the day.
  • At the end of the four week settling in period
  • A monthly review and evaluation takes place thereafter by the key worker.

All amendments to care plans will require authorisation of the Home’s Manager. Certain amendments may require the authorisation of the Client’s G.P.  All amendments are recorded in full.

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